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The Granddaughter is a 63,000-word celebration of providence in the bittersweet fortunes of a young girl, Felecia, that expands into a cultural critique challenging conventional attitudes.  An entertaining book for summer reading, the timely story features hot contemporary escapades that rise beyond the page to engage and entertain the reader with fascinating perspectives of modern families and relationships.

New Novel  © 2021

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New Prayer Book  © 2019

          Prayer Hike helps today's generations to pray using foundations established in the Bible.  From the promise that God knows what we need before we ask, to the call to rejoice always, give thanks and pray continually because this is God’s will for us, this book encourages readers to be mindful and take guidance from scripture during prayer. It raises God's will above ours.  

        Whether  we are in prayer groups or on our own, Prayer Hike seeks to help us align with God’s will and reap the goodness of God’s plans to prosper us and give us hope and a future without harm (Jeremiah 29:11), as we adventure through life.  Even if you’re not a regular Bible reader, informative nutshell tips about relevant scriptures provide support for mindful prayer.  There is no prayer methodology to memorize, but sparks to inflame your own mindfulness about what the Bible says, every time you pray, whatever you experience on your hike.

        In your encounters with God through prayer, join others reading this book with a heart full of trust in God, acknowledge him and not depend on your own understanding.

Serving by the Spirit for the common good. (1 Cor. 12:7)

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