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Learning About Whoever  With God’s Grace



Belief and Science in Evolution and Creation

Uniting the divided Church

Many churches have in recent years become seriously fractured because of unreconciled issues of human sexuality and positions on gay marriage, and have been flummoxed in the search for common ground.  Different sides in the debate hold to sound theology in their positions and are convinced that they uphold the duty of the church as defined by the Bible.  But is there common ground?  Is there an approach that could bring peace while maintaining unity in the church? 


Analyst and Lay Minister, Karen Sinclair, author of About Whoever, the social imprint on identity and orientation © 2013, and The Quiet Sense, how I know that God is real © 2017, discusses a way forward paved with understanding of Biblical truths on both sides. 


Learning About Whoever with God’s Grace considers both sides of the debate with equal respect and understanding and proposes a bridge across the painful fracture.

The belief in evolution has gained greater hold and established a place on science curricula in American schools while the belief in creation has simultaneously been minimized.  Many educated Christians including leaders and pastors of congregations are persuaded that science has proven that man evolved from lower animals.  Some turn to the emergent field of apologetics to reason and argue, defend and justify creation doctrine, while others avoid Genesis, gloss over, openly deny creation or boldly assert evolution as more reliable and persuasive than the belief in creation.  But is there another perspective for the educated believer today who is fully cognizant of recent discoveries? 

Analyst, Karen Sinclair reviews the science behind theories of evolution and its implications for belief, along with biblical accounts of creation.  Her conclusions uphold sound principles of science and set both evolution and creation on comparable stages of clearer understanding for contemporary thinkers.

These talks are interactive and include Q & A.

Scheduled to last approximately 1 hr. 

Where: Customer's location.

Costs at local (NJ) locations:  per group 

Other states: ADD travel and accommodation expenses

Overseas: costs vary

Various Keynote Addresses

Each address is specific to client needs.

As a Keynote speaker for your event, Karen will prepare a presentation suited to your theme.

Client themes have included:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Human Relations Day Celebration, "Spirit of the Divine in the Fight for Justice, Galilee United Methodist Church, Englewood, NJ. 

Women's Day Celebration, "Women honoring The Body of Christ", United Methodist Church of Spring Valley, NY

The Bishops' High School's Alumni Association 25th Anniversary Commemoration, "Friends… to the end, Our Commemoration " Feature Address, NY


Charges vary

Contemporary Sermons

Bible truths for today's seekers

"Reveal" (Based on Matthew 2:1-12)
"You are set free” (Based on Luke13:10-17),

"The Hot, The Cool and The Spirit" (Based on Ephesians 2 11-22)

"The King and Us", (Based on Matthew 10:24-39)
"The Finest Harvest of His Vineyard", (Based on Isaiah 5:1-7)
“The Taming of the View”, (Based on Matthew 22:15-22 and 1 Cor. 13:3)

 "Whose values are these anyway?”, (Based on Colossians 2:6-19)

All sermons focus on Biblical texts or themes.

Clients may select a text or theme from the Bible.

Sermon presentations are budget-friendly and

may be delivered FREE of charge if needed.

Approximately 20 minutes

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