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February 03, 2019

Prayer Hike helps today's generations to pray about today's issues using solid foundations established in the Bible.  With no methodology to memorize, the book is a great tool for individuals, groups or families to pray with understanding. Written so that both non-religious and regular Bible readers could encounter God, Prayer Hike helps inflame sparks of mindfulness every time we pray during life's adventures. i the Bible. 

May 12, 2017

This book unravels the essential threads of the Christian spirit and Christian spiritual life from the tangle of contemporary practices and understandings.  It examines fundamental Christian beliefs beyond platitudes and brand name rituals that may sometimes become substitutes for Christian truth and ultimately undermine the truth about God’s existence.  The Quiet Sense is an exploration of the author's understandings that confirm, in this contemporary world, that God is real.  PRE-ORDER and receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT when the book is shipped.

Little Polka Sock (hard cover)


In this children's book, a rolled up pair of socks tumbles out of its mundane existence and unfurls with lifelike flair into the heart of a little child.

About Whoever


About Whoever is original analysis that puts sexuality on the social analyst’s couch. Experiences of real people, influences of history, American Equal Rights and other topics form fascinating discussion. Gay, straight, right-wing, left, or whoever we are, About Whoever indisputably tells about us.

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