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I see, I hear, I think, I write. :) That about sums up what I do.  I am inspired by issues and joys around me and motivated to find answers to the questions they raise.  Sometimes that process ends up in a book… and here we are.  For me, there is no separation between my training as an analyst, the tools of research I have learned, expertise in the writing trade and my instinct to love.  They are all bundled in to my work and play and the way I interact with the world and with people I encounter on my way. 

Keynote Speaker

Kid friendly performances

My books mark my journey, but I've done so much more! There have also been articles, research and untold projects.  As a Business Analyst, I have accomplished corporate improvements, business projects, led multi-disciplinary teams, designed and implemented systems and simultaneously in ministry I have had the joy of doing some of those same things and performing those roles with the goal of helping others.  My career is dynamic and filled with disparate experiences.  The small bits and pieces taken together reflect the person I am.  It is my quest that through everyday pursuits (both work and play) all my little bits get a chance to burst forth and breathe through my life. Like you, I just am... just another human being.

 In looking for new projects, those that give me the opportunity to utilize my skills in analysis, leadership, writing and also provide something new, engage my attention.  Ministry is always a part of my life.  I multi-task well and am happiest when what I am doing has meaning and helps others live joyfully.



Communications and Education for "Straw Floor" citizens

Addressing needs of the underprivileged.


Palisades District Conference of the United Methodist Church

Certified Lay Ministry

The Spirit of Truth

As promised in the New Testament book of John.

The Belief in creation and the Belief in evolution

How belief gets cast in twenty-first century roles.

The Quiet Sense

Restoring the poor in spirit


City University, London, England

Master of Science degree


University of Guyana, Turkeyen, Guyana

Bachelor of Social Sciences degree

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